SEO Tips for Artists Selling Art Online

As an artist, you want your artwork to be recognized and well-known within the mass public. Initially signing up with an art website is quite easy however with dormant or no sales after a few months, one is bound to get frustrated. So how exactly can you attract potential buyers for your artwork?

Work on your Artwork Descriptions

Most websites encourage artists to write complete description about their particular art pieces and also upload a bio and artist statement. Make sure there aren’t any grammatical mistakes and the paragraphs are easy to read and follow. Optimizing them for search engine would greatly differentiate your chances of earning the right buyer for your artwork.

The idea of SEO is quite simply, it’s basically using the same keywords that the buyers used to search for similar art pieces as yours. Sound easy. Right? Work on your content extensively and make it SEO friendly as well. Make your descriptions chock full of words that buyers might use to search for abstract artworks or artworks of your genre.

Use Social Media

Your SEO effectiveness is quite dependent upon the website you signed up in to sell your artwork. Therefore, it’s imperative to use other formats of social media to attain maximum attention and traffic towards your particular work.

From Flickr, Facebook, YouTube etc. are different formats of social media that would help you maximize your audience and reach out to thousands of people whilst attaining admirers. Get involved in your social sites with the visitors and adhere to their different queries about your artwork. Linking your social media account to your original site where the piece is for sale would enable you to tweak your traffic in a certain direction.

Start Writing a Blog

Blogging allows artists to express their true views on their art pieces while highlighting the importance of art. As a beginner, start with WordPress as it is free and quite user-friendly. Having a SEO optimized art blog is quite popular amongst artists as it would allow you to generate new content and generate greater traffic.

There are other integrated solutions out there such as Foliotwist that lets you combine your portfolio, PayPal and a blog on a single domain. There are different marketing features available as well. A blog reflects the true essence of an artist’s minds and would enable potential buyers to understand your perspective and inspiration on the artwork. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check:  Art Shopping Online

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