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Buying and selling paintings online have now become a common phenomena. People prefer using social networking sites as a way to buy and sell paintings, rather than physically going to art galleries. In the United States of America $250 million of online art revenue was produced in the year 2012.

Buying art online is pretty different as compared to buying any other electronic device such as a TV or a smart phone. While buying electronic devices, a person can go to the store and physically check out the product however that is not the case with buying art online. Buying an original artwork is pretty unique in its own way. If a person wants to go and see the art work for real, they would have to go and find out the location of the artist and visit them.

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To make up for this difficulty, online galleries provide complete detailed account of the art work, the artists and their portfolio. Moreover, online galleries have a flexible return policy letting the buyer return the art work within a given period of time. The biggest advantage of buying art online is that the buyer gets to choose among a variety of different artists and paintings from all over the world without leaving their house.

Websites offer the market for art galleries to have great potential. With a growing art market, people can see changes in how art is sold, what art is bought, why it is purchased and by whom. The availability of online art platforms has many positive outcomes for artists. Online websites are a great place for rising artists to sell their art work and shape their status.

There are many online art galleries that can be found in India, for instance “Saffronart” which is a global art company that is deeply rooted in India. It was founded in 2000 and has a successful auction house. It is a platform of fine arts that portrays the work of growing Indian artists. “Artspread” is another online art gallery that contributes to showcasing contemporary art work around the world. Their collection includes landscapes, abstracts, photography and a lot more all under INR 150,000.Moreover there are other Indian art galleries that can be found online such as “Mojarto.” It was founded in 2005 and has been the biggest online platform for buying art in the whole of India.

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