10 Secrets That Will Lead to You Selling 1 Piece of Art a Day Online

 Once you have decided to sell your work online, after setting up a proper website and an updated portfolio, the major worries that any artist has is to start selling. Some artists are lucky enough to start selling as soon as their website gets published. Below are some tips that can help an artist sell his/her work online.

  • Having a search engine optimized content:

This is a necessity when you want to sell online. Turning up on top of the list when people are searching art pieces is now a priority rather than a requirement. It has been proved through many researches that people hardly go beyond the first three pages when they are searching for something through a search engine.

  • Having more than one online platform where you are selling:

It is always advisable to have your eggs in more than one basket. This is why you should sell through different platforms. There are many websites that allow you to list your artwork. Social media is another platform that will help you sell as a prominent seller.

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  • You should have a huge portfolio:

It is advisable to have a huge portfolio when you are stepping into the online business. This will help you sell well. The huge stock will also signify your interest in the business and the customers will have a wide variety to choose from.

  • The power of social media should be duly incorporated in your marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some of the platforms that need to be utilized for the purpose of promotion.

  • There should be a whole range of products to sell in different price categories.

There should be a range of products in different price categories, this way many customers could be satisfied.

  • Keep track through Google Analytics

Tracking will help you understand what actually is selling and what is not and what content is appealing to customers.

  • The marketing should be constant and consistent.

There should be constant updates on your page. This will help you remain a top of people searches.

  • Have printed reproductions of your art piece.

This is for those who are not willing to spend a fortune on originals. They make do with printed art pieces.

  • Have a mobile friendly website

This will allow easy access to anyone anywhere without much hindrance.

  • Work according to a proper plan that helps your business.

There should be a proper thought out business plan that can help you shape the business the right way.

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